Schooling is important for children as it provides a balanced education to children and it helps to promote child’s mental and psychological health. Children also learn a lot of skills in school and they also develop social interaction. It makes them able to live in society and to interact with other persons. Therefore, you must choose wisely the school for your child because it also influences mentality of your child. If you are living in Dubai then there will be no difficulty for you to find best school as there are many best schools in Dubai. You can also find the best British school in Dubai as Dubai is considered as the best country in terms of education. You can find British curriculum primary schools in Dubai. Here are few good reasons to home school your child.


Home schooling provides flexibility in learning activity of your child. You can teach to your children at any time and you can also take your children for holiday whenever you want. But home education will work only if you are not a fulltime employee in company.

Make your own timetable:

It will also give you relaxation that you can make your own time table and you can teach your children according to your time table. Usually, school time tables are hectic for children when they have to follow regular time table. But home schooling gives you opportunity to teach your child at morning or evening according to their choice.

Practical learning:

You can involve your children in practical learning as you can teach them different skills. Children learn more practically as that of book reading. You can involve them in different activities such as gardening, cooking and painting.

Boost confidence:

Home schooling will also give benefit that it will boost confidence of your child as you will directly teach your children. You can also structure the learning activity of your child which will help to boost their confidence.

Child led learning:

This is one of the greatest benefits of home schooling that it will give you opportunity of child led learning. It is fun activity and children can learn more by these types of activities.

Interactive learning:

It will also give you benefit that your children can interact more in this type of learning. But if your children are of different ages then it can be difficult for you.

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