In any event the importance of food that is served is as much as the event itself. But for someone who is organizing an event for the first time or hiring a catering company for the very first time, picking the type of catering can be quite complicated. It could get quite tricky to decide to serve which type of food on the event as there is a vast selection of food available. So to make things easier we will talk about different types of catering companies. For more details you can always look up to catering Dubai.

Corporate catering

Corporate catering means providing the food and drinks for the functions and gathering of corporate and business sector. The amount of food depends upon the size of the gathering as the gatherings of business and corporate sectors could be small as well as could be arranged on large scale. In corporate catering some like to set up a full food table while some do a small set up of tasting food.

Wedding catering

Wedding catering is the best example of large scale events. For guests the main focus of the wedding is always the food. The food and drinks should be enough to for the guests as you never know that how many people could show up on the wedding day unexpectedly. Along with the food the wedding catering company is also responsible for table settings.

Social event catering

Social event gatherings include birthday parties, anniversaries, baby shower etc. these gatherings are small and much private as compared to weddings. Along with the food, the themes should be given extra attention as they are the most important part of gathering such as birthday party. As these events include mostly the family and some friends so the allergies should also be taken into account in deciding the menu. Along with that the traditional values should also be taken care of in such small events.

Food truck catering

This is the most popular catering service for the casual gatherings. The food could range from simple to extravagant items. And this catering does not require a lot of staff as all the work is done inside the truck. Usually this type of catering is preferred for outdoor parties.