Migration has never been easy on anyone as you are technically building a whole new life for yourself in a place where you don’t know whether you will be accepted or not. But for the brighter side, Canada is one of those places which is very open to foreigners and immigrants and there are plenty of Canada tourist visa agents in Delhi. So here are a few things one must know about immigrants in Canada:

  • 1/5th of country’s population is foreign

There is a huge chunk of population which is in Canada which is not born in there but instead lives and work as foreigners. They are also the ones who are counted as the minority and the number is even higher in the urban areas. Some major cities in Canada welcome the foreigners with open arms such as Toronto.

  • You don’t need to bag a job to immigrate

Most people think that job is a necessity in order to move to Canada when in reality it is just one of the key requirements which means you can even gain entry without it. As per the best visa consultant in Delhi, the visa system basically works on point based system and a job waiting for you adds more points to it but you don’t have to specifically have one in order to gain entry.

  • You will be welcomed with resources

As mentioned above, you don’t have to specifically have a job to move to the country and to prove that point here we tell you about the different kinds of resources that Canadian government has put together for foreigners to help them in social services to finding jobs and everything in between. You will be assisted in every step of the way and it is something truly brilliant to be a part of.

  • Know your worth in terms of salary

Researching is the key for this task. In order to know and understand how the salary system works in there, you must do your research well beforehand so that you know how much to ask for. Evaluate your qualification with the working experience that you hold and see what it makes up for. Also know and understand the wage system of the specified field so that you are not asking for too much to be ruled out or too low to be taken for granted – find your middle ground.