Technology for Hotels

Technology for Hotels

If you are a tourist then we know that how hard it can get to find the best hotels in Fujairah, especially in this pandemic. Even though there are travel restrictions but there are still people living in hotels in this city as the hotels here are cheap as compared to any city in the whole UAE. Even the govt has commanded hotels to lower their price and costs for the travelers who cannot go back to their own country.

That is why some travelers still find some of the best hotel deals in Fujairah. The govt of UAE has clearly said that they will not take interest from the hotels and the hotels will be free from tax until the COVID-19 slows down. This also means that if you have the money, you can open a branch of any hotel in this city and you won’t have to pay any kind of interests and taxes to the govt.

While you benefit from these things, you also need to work on how to make your hotel popular and that can be done by adding technology in it. Below is the list of technology specially made for hotels that people find interesting.

Since we all want to stay away from getting infected, the hotels have come up with a touchless way of opening hotel room doors. And that they are doing with the help of an app. The management will give special numbers on your app and these numbers will unlock the doors.

For ordering food, you don’t have to touch the dirty room phones, you can order the food via the app and if you want something customized, you can speak on a voice-controlled system installed within the room.

Now a days, you will see hotel coming up with three taps booking procedure and people are opting for those hotels who have this facility. You will now see robots at the door at mid night hours. They will check-in your bookings and allot you a room as well.

As we all know that the cryptocurrency is on the rise, the latest hotels will be accepting digital currency as well. If you want to see the hotels completely from inside, then now some hotels have an app that have virtual reality tours as well.