Qualities of a Great Architect

What are these qualities of a good architect? What qualities would you like to become an architect too? What are your interests in becoming an architect and what are the skills that you think you would possess to accomplish this profession? What are your goals in life and what are your dreams and aspirations? As far as what are the qualities of a good architect in Dubai these are some questions you may consider:

Architectural Strength

It is not enough that a person has good ideas. A good architect needs to know how to build and manage structures that are functional and efficient which is essential for construction management in Dubai. Architectural strength is a combination of technical skill and interpersonal skill. It is also about creativity and ability to think creatively. When thinking about the qualities of a good architect, you will notice that architects can use their architectural strength in designing and conceptualizing the best possible design.

Risks/ Rewards

This can be a tough question to answer but in general, architects will take a risk for more than just the sake of making money. They take risks to improve or change something so that it would be best if you have it built than replace it. The benefits that an architect receives are also important. If you are planning to build a certain type of structure and there are other available options, the risk that you will take may be worth it.


Good architects are always trying to think up new ways of doing things and they are always looking for ways to improve and transform the current structure. Aside from the design aspect, good architects are also trying to make the construction process easier. They know that the more creative and convenient an architectural structure is; the more visitors it attracts. And if they are able to attract more visitors, they stand to gain more profits because the more visitors they have the more people are going to their place.

These are only some of the qualities of a great architect. Remember that these qualities should be integrated into an individual because as a team, the structure would be able to work efficiently and effectively. And lastly, be wary of an architect who is trying to pressure you into getting an agreement. This is because pressure can cause individuals to become pushy and they may even end up making mistakes that they will be sorry about. Remember that having the best design is not enough; an excellent team is equally important.

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