Mystery shopping is a method utilized by many marketing research firms and companies that want to gauge quality of product sales, employee satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and so on. In short, mystery shopping involves “surveys” – like online surveys – of either a single customer or a group of customers. The reason for this is to collect data that can be analyzed later, usually with the help of statistical software. A marketing research company hires a network of mystery shoppers who go to shop or dine in selected stores or restaurants and then return to the office with their report cards and evaluations. Sometimes the company sends the report cards along with coupons for future shopping at that very same store.

The purpose of mystery shopping is not to rate or even track the customer service of a business. In fact, mystery shopping is designed to help businesses learn more about their customers. So what are some of the things that can be rated by a mystery shopper? One of the most important factors is customer service, especially on the part of the employees. A good mystery shopper will be able to rate from one to five stars for the level of service provided by employees to a customer.

The other main area that can be measured with a mystery shopper Dubai is product performance. Mystery shopping is conducted before, during and after a marketing research campaign and the results of these surveys can often be quite surprising. During the campaign, the mystery shopper may observe how well employees respond to the customers, their work environment and the overall dining experience. After the campaign, the shopper will evaluate aspects such as service, product design, price, ambience, ambiance, staff-to-customer ratio and customer satisfaction. When doing a product performance audit, the secret shopper will look at packaging, prices, promotions, brand name recognition, advertisements and so much more. All of these areas can be analyzed in order to provide insight into the performance of a business.

As mystery shoppers, you have the opportunity to act like a customer and gain valuable insight into a company’s policies, practices and staff-to-customer ratios. By obtaining feedback, companies can adjust their strategies and increase productivity. You can also help build a stronger brand recognition for a company as well. Many of these mystery shopping services use surveys as well as questionnaires to collect data and provide valuable insights into how a company conducts business. So mystery shoppers have the opportunity to build a profile of how the company operates and obtain insight into the quality of its employees, their attitudes toward their job and customer service, which is something that cannot be gauged through an employee feedback survey.