Which ERP Software Companies Should You Use?

Which ERP Software Companies Should You Use?

ERP software companies are increasing in number. The biggest names in ERP software are NetSuite, QuickBooks, Compiere, and The Intuitive Enterprise Solution (IES). However, behind these names there are hundreds of smaller, less expensive, and sometimes even less-quality software companies that will only get good reviews from the lucky few that actually try their products. In addition, most ERP software companies are mass-producing low-end, cookie-cutter solutions that can run any ERP software package. This means that the average business with an ERP system doesn’t have much choice but to work with whatever they’re provided with. What are some of the things you should look for when choosing one?

Revenue Management: It’s been said, “Software is the root of all evil,” and while this statement couldn’t be more true for ERP software companies in Dubai, it’s definitely true for the revenue management process. In order to remain competitive in a market where everything changes so quickly, real-time business performance should be one of your main focuses. ERP systems offering real-time business performance can do this, and many companies have chosen to implement them in their own internal networks (and even outsource the functionality to external vendors). If you’re looking for a way to improve your revenue, consider making your ERP system adaptable to changing markets.

Security: If you want to stay ahead of hackers, the best option you can have is an ERP software market that focuses on security first and foremost. Hackers don’t care about whether your application is secure or not, what matters to them is the fact that you are vulnerable. If your internal network isn’t protected, you will be at risk, as well as anyone else who uses that same network. Security should be a primary focus for all your applications, no matter what they are used for. An e-commerce application, for instance, requires secure communications between its customers and its merchant service, and your company should be at the forefront of making sure that all of those steps are taken.

Performance: You’ve probably heard about the buzzword “intrusive data collections.” What you need from your ERP software company aren’t perfumes, however. What you need are intelligent solutions that allow you to get the most out of what you are paying for. The best erp software companies out there will allow you to get the information that you need quickly and efficiently, as well as help you make the most of the data that you already have, whether it is stored internally or in your CRM (customer relationship management) database.

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