Interior designs are associated with the insides of a building. The art involved with interior design is on another level. Interior designers do everything in their power to not only make your interior look better, but to also give a soothing effect to visitors.

To start designing you must first decide if you want to do it yourself or want a professional to do it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, then here is a quick guide on how to get started with it.

First of all you must choose your color scheme. You have to choose three colors or schemes – just one color would give the room a boring effect – and start designing your interior by mixing them up.

But how to use these colors?

Well it’s simple; choose one color that would go with your wall, one color would go with your furniture such as desk, chairs and all the other furniture, while the last color would go with your small accessories such as pillows, souvenirs, etc.

After choosing the scheme, choose your furniture. This may sound as a very obvious thing but it is one of the growing mistakes people make whilst designing their interior. Do not pick many small pieces of furniture to spread around the room. Not only does it distort the eye but it would congregate mess. Choose furniture with the color scheme you are going with but do remember to choose big furniture.

Keep your room organized by adding trays or bowls to the room and keeping your stuff in it. For example you can have a tray at your side table which would safeguard your wrist watch, mobile, headphones and accessories. This not only keeps the mess away but adds more texture and tidiness to the room.

Adding greenery is also a great idea as it delivers aesthetic feelings to the room. You must have seen flowers or plants at every website or pinterest photo. If you are buying real flowers keep it on a rack near the window for sunlight or if you are buying artificial you can pretty much keep it where you please.

This was a total guide on how to design your home interior by yourself. If you want to hire office interior design companies in Dubai, find here.